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Is there a Roulette System that works?

I was reading a book last year from Norman Leigh on how he and very illustrious group of people went to France and beat the casino by playing Roulette. The book was a very interesting read and I can highly recommend it. If his system with the name "Reverse Labourchere" actually worked, I don't know, but his story is great. Leigh was a gambler all his live and was dreaming about a way on how to beat the casino.

It took him years to develop his system. To make it a reality he needed a group of people and starting capital. He placed an ad in the job section in a big UK newspaper and started so recruiting his team. People from all walks of live arrived at his house for "job interviews", but only a few had the qualities he was looking for. With the final candidates he started a training program in his lounge.

He needed to convince this crowed now that his system will work and all the members of the team will be able to make money. In easy terms, the system works a followed: you start betting with one unit on a single change (red-black, even-uneven), if you win, the next time you double up your bet to two units and so on. If you lose, you start again with 1 unit bet.

The system only works, if 13 people play simultaneous for eight hours per day. Therefore, it was important to have a team that was able to play systematically roulette for a long period of time. After endless sessions in his house, the team tested the system in real casino in London. They had some up and downs during this period and finally got banned to enter casinos in London. Norman finally felt his troop was ready for the real deal and they left for Nice, France. According the book, the system worked, every team member made money and Norman was the most satisfied person on the planet.

He has proven that his system Reverse Labourchere actually works. According to James Woodger's Rouette Simulator, Normans System actually doesn't make money. Well, it looks likes we need to stick to our daytime job and hope for the lucky streak or hitting the jackpot.