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Baccarat Strategy or Strategic Moves in Baccarat?

This topic is often highly debated by online Baccarat Players. From our years of experience, we can tell you first hand that there isn't a devised science to playing Baccarat; meaning, there really is no strategy. Baccarat is purely a game of luck. You cannot predict the cards that you will be dealt but you can use those cards to maximize your chances of winning using strategic plays.

Baccarat has one of the lowest house edges of most casino games. If you play Single Deck Baccarat, the house advantage drops to a mere 1%. As we explained in our Baccarat Tutorial, the game has 3 betting options - the Banker bet, the Dealer bet, and the Tie bet. The Banker bet is the surest winning bet, because it carries a house edge of 1.0%. The only other casino game with such a low house advantage is Craps, and only some of the bets in Craps carry these odds. If your bet on the Banker wins, a 5% vig is generally deducted from your winnings. Even with the vig, the Banker bet is the safest bet to make in the long run.

The Player bet has a 1.25% house edge. Though this may seem mediocre as compared with 1.0% for the Banker bet, it makes a heck of a difference when dollars come into play. There is no vig on the Player bet and you get to keep all your winnings. Many Players are more inclined to place this bet because they are betting on themselves, but bear in mind that Baccarat is not like Blackjack. There is no real defined Basic Strategy and the odds of you losing on yourself is greater than if you place a bet on the Banker.

The last betting option is the Tie bet. It has great payout odds; it pays 9:1 on a winning bet. That means that if you bet $50 and win the Tie bet, your returns will be $450! Do you know when is the best time to bet on it? NEVER! The house edge on the Tie bet is almost 5%, which is very high by any standards. Let me rephrase my earlier exclamation. The ONLY time that you should make the Tie bet is if you are playing for fun and using demo casino credits. If you're playing with real money, you are flushing your money down the toilet. If you are playing the free version of our game, you can make this bet as often as you like, without worrying about the cost, but you will have to be careful here when you switch to the real money version.

Baccarat Tips

Okay; so the experts have said that there is a card counting system that was developed specifically for Baccarat to help raise the Player advantage. This system, however, yields a very miniscule advantage for the Player about one in every eight deck shoe. That is definitely not worth wasting your money trying. We suggest that you follow these simple tips to help you win more than you lose:

  • Manage your money properly. Don't make large bets and do not increase your bets when you're on a losing streak. This isn't the Martingale strategy and you aren't playing Roulette. If anything, raise your bet size if you are winning and take it down a notch when you're losing.

  • Set limits on your losses and discontinue playing while you still have money left.

  • If you've won, play with your winnings only. Leave the original amount you started with until you're down to your last penny where your winnings are concerned. Or better yet, if you've won, tell yourself that you will leave the game with no less than $X amount from your winnings.

Baccarat can be just as exciting as any of the other reverred casino games, like Blackjack, but you have to know what you're doing and manage your money well so that it can last while you win and take the casino's money.

Use these tips to Win Baccarat at Spin Palace Casino.

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